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Bio sensing platform

About the Perach

Perach is a research project in HCI. The research hypothesis was based on the fact that environmental care impacts humans feeling of well-being. The goal was to develop a technology that will allow continuous communication between users and their plants to form a better care relationship between humans and plants

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Perach system

Perach is Biosensing platform using A multi sensor IOT device (bio impedance, EMG, Soil sensor and more) To allow continuous communication between humans and plants. The project goal was to unveil the inner happenings of another biological entity to form a deeper more emotional connection

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Plants and technology

Plants, like all life forms, communicate constantly, but in a different way than humans. Communication depends on each life form's time scale, and we are limited to understanding it from those that are similar in their scale to ours. plants, are animals that are low energy consuming than most animals, do not communicate on our time scale. So our understanding of plants is mostly limited to superficial features such as color changes or leaves dropping, but plants can communicate via fungi and electricity, some even claiming to communicate by sound. By tapping into the electrical happenings inside plants, this project attempted to convey this information to humans in a tangible way.

Project exhibition

Perach project was showcase in the isreali museum in Tel Aviv, And after collaboration with visual artist Ronen Tanchum has Appeared at Sapace_A a digital art and architecture gallery and creative applications magazin.

The motivation of this project was my curiosity and pursuit of poetic use for technology, technology that focuses on enhancing our every day life and well-being


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Technical Skills

Arduino, C++, Pyhton, Hardware prototyping, Electronics

Design Tools

Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, After effects, Solidworks


Qualitative & quantitative research, Interviews and questionnaires, Statistics

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